Community Enhancement Programme

 15 Apr 2019

The Community Enhancement Programme (CEP), which is funded by the Department of Rural and Community Development, will provide €4.5 million of grant funding in 2019 towards enhancing the facilities available to disadvantaged communities.

The CEP is a flexible, streamlined and targeted approach to providing funding to those communities most in need.

The programme provides capital funding to communities across Ireland to enhance facilities in disadvantaged areas. Some funding is ring-fenced for smaller projects, from lawnmowers and IT equipment to minor renovations to buildings. The CEP also provides funding towards larger projects in disadvantaged areas. Typical enhancements under the programme could include the renovation of community centres, community amenities, improvements to town parks, common areas and spaces, CCTV equipment and energy efficiency-type projects.

The CEP is administered by the 33 Local Community Development Committees across the country, with support from the Local Authority in each area.  They advertise for suitable projects and provide details on how to apply in each area.  The closing date for the 2019 programme is 30th May 2019.

For details on Offaly's Community Enhancement Programme, see below